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  New JR23 Combo Regulator and Neutral Tester.

Our training facilities along the banks of the beautiful Muskingum river, in southern Ohio.




5209 N SR 60 NW                                       CONTACT JOE ROBB 740-815-0331

MCCONNELSVILLE OH 43756          

JR23 Combo Regulator and Neutral Tester. To verify it is on Neutral before you energize it.

As I explain to people how to use the JR23 tester. The comments I hear are, we use the three switch by passes. And energize the regulator from the load only. Check n lite and use RND tool. This is great except you could still have an open  lead in the regulator. And have a catastrophic failure when you energize. The JR23 will test, to make sure you don't have an open  lead. Before you energize. It is also A REGULATOR TESTER.

One day on site regulator school. If interested please register. Then will get dates and scheduling set up.

FEE $1500.00 includes travel and expenses.